Because there’s a Millionaire Woman inside every one of us, just itching to bust out...
Here’s How YOU Too Can Become
RICH From The Inside Out

Let these Millionaire Business Women show how you can get on the entrepreneurial fast-track to your own Dreams, Desires, and Goals ... and finally meet with the sort of MASSIVE Success you were born to achieve, following the proven short-cuts revealed in

"Secrets Of The
Millionaire Woman"

Perhaps, like so many women today, you can feel that drive to do more, be more, and have more … to satisfy the Entrepreneurial Spirit within you.

But when you look around for inspiration, it could sometimes be hard to find...

...until now!

Because I’ve gathered together nine of the most amazing, knowledgeable, and successful women entrepreneurs around - "Millionaire Women" willing to not only share the secrets of their success but show how YOU can do the same things…

...whether you already have a business of your own, or not.

Hi, I’m Debra Kasowski...

And I want to invite you to join the ranks of the Millionaire Woman ... who knows what she wants, sets her goals high, and chases them down with all her heart and passion ... because she knows, large or small, she can reach them all!

...who has the strategy, tactic, or tool to handle any objection, turn any "problem” to her advantage, and even make those "tricky” sales other entrepreneurs would be afraid to go after.

She could be the woman running on the treadmill next to you ... the mother taking her children to school ... the woman at the front of the boardroom...

She could be YOU!

Now get the answers to the questions
you’d like to ask...

These women have had - and continue to have - a tremendous impact on my life. That's why I've sat down for a chat with each one ... asking the kind of direct, probing, revealing questions all women on the path to Success need the answers to...

…and gathered it all together into this series of nine audio recordings – over 5 HOURS of powerful business-building, fear-busting, confidence boosting strategies! 

My goal in creating the “Secrets Of The Millionaire Woman” audio series is really quite simple, clear, and focused: 

I want you to SUCCEED … in a BIG way! 

I want to help you build a successful business, and a successful life, bigger and faster … with greater confidence and balance … help you make more money, and do more good for those you love, and the world at large… 

In other words … to build YOU into the next MILLIONAIRE WOMAN! 

"In her interviews with powerful, successful, and wealthy women, Debra cuts to the chase, asks direct questions, and uncovers each woman's secret to her success. The women are really down to earth. They're just like you and me - wives and moms, even high school dropouts … who have made it to the top."

Here’s just a handful of the tips, tactics, and strategies you’ll discover:

  • The simple networking step that you can start using today to multiply your contacts

  • The biggest mistakes women make when starting out in business

  • How to make money ANYTIME … even during a global recession

  • The ultimate blueprint to getting you want in life

  • The #1 secret the wealthy have been keeping from you … until now

  • The most powerful tool for conquering fear and self-doubt

  • Crucial ingredients of a rock-solid business plan … and how to implement them

  • What you can do today to start doubling your income

  • Creating a powerful money-making empire … while living a “balanced life”

  • How to develop an attractively commanding presence in any size room

  • How to silence your inner critic and finally “get out of your own way”

  • How you can be a great wife and mother, and still go after what you want … guilt-free! (Because you can actually spend more time with your family when you’re working smarter like this.)

  • Get rid of the clutter in your life, get better-organized in all areas, and make room for all the bigger and better things coming!

Now let me just set one thing straight, right from the get-go: 

Even though every one of them has
already made MILLIONS

Being “rich” is not defined simply by having a lot of money. Rather, having a lot of money is a natural consequence of being “rich” as I define it. 

You see … “rich”  is an attitude, a mindset … it’s the way you approach success, your goals and dreams, and Life in general. 

Sure, every one of these women has made millions of dollars in business … yet that’s really just the tip of the iceberg, a result of the greater riches they hold inside. 

And that’s why I want you to hear these women’s words in their own voices, full of their own passion! Their emotion carries as much of a message for you as their words.  

They tell you WHAT to do, HOW to do it … and yes, even WHEN! 

They speak to you straight from the heart, and hold nothing back as they share their priceless short cuts to massive success. 

It’s given her confidence, desire, and understanding

"Debra Kasowski and the Millionaire Woman series have given me the right tips and cues for succeeding in the competitive world of Business. It not only gave me greater confidence - it has also created a hunger in me for even more knowledge, the drive to succeed, and the passion to reach for my dreams."

- Alicja Gruntowicz,
Virtual Dance Expressionz

Like a bagful of mentors!

“This series is like having a BAGFUL of mentors. These women are a delight, an inspiration, and just what I needed to get my butt in gear!”

-Valentina Bellicova
Vancouver, Canada 

The BEST collection of "girl power" knowledge EVER!

"The Millionaire Woman series is inspirational, educational, and a must-have for any woman serious about her business! I’ve turned my car into a virtual university, and regularly “tune in” to “tune up” those areas needing a little boost in my business. Listening to these CDs during my daily drive to the office, or on the way to a meeting, gets the wheels turning and the creative juices flowing – it’s definitely one of the best collections of “girl power” knowledge I have ever come across."

- Aline Barker

Of course, the best way to reach any goal is always to follow the lead of those who have already got there … and can show you the surest, easiest, and quickest way. 

So if your own goal is to have an insanely profitable business – whether online, offline, or both – one that allows you to become wealthy and be free, while still maintaining a healthy balance between business and family… 

Then I can think no better women than these to follow! 

And just who ARE these incredible entrepreneurs? Have a look: 

  • Lori Raudnask is a professional speaker, coach, and entrepreneur who shows you that getting what you want really is much easier than you think. As global director of training of Sales Partners Worldwide, she has coached countless individuals to generating millions of dollars when they never thought that they could. The author of Persistence Pays, Lori gets you taking action and getting the results you deserve.

“Lori has trained hundreds of individuals and companies to increase their wealth through sales. Her persistence, tenacity, and incredible ability to engage and support has generated millions for herself and others.”

- Blair Singer,
Author of “Sales Dogs” and “Little Voice Mastery”,
Rich Dad advisor to Robert Kiyosaki, and founder of Sales Partners Worldwide

  • Lisa Sasevich, the Queen of Sales Conversion, reveals the incredibly powerful speaking strategies she uses to routinely MULTIPLY her clients’ sales from 10% of the crowd … to as high as 40% and more! The information she shares here can transform your business almost overnight! Drawing on her book, The Invisible Close, Lisa shows you how to boost sales without being a “pushy sales person”.

“I am GIDDY with excitement about my recent results after taking your advice. I totally kicked butt! Thank you for such a great program!”

- Christine Conway 
Certified Feng Shui Practitioner, Certified Real Estate Stager

  • Patricia Fripp is an award-winning speaker, author, speech coach, and sales presentation expert. Her no-nonsense approach cuts right through your excuses so you can finally take full charge of your life, and skyrocket your success.

“Fripp has fast, effective ideas you can use immediately to get better results.”

- Brian Tracy,
Author of “Maximum Achievement”

  • Christine Comaford is a bit of a renegade – a five time CEO and multi-millionaire, she learned long ago that “failing forward” can often be the key to exploding your career or business. Here this author of Rules For Renegades discusses how to not only start your business … but how to Fast-Track it to the multi-million dollar level!

“Christine is the business startup master! She has done it, teaches it, and she continues to do it every day.”

- T.Harv Eker,
Author of “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”

  • Christine Cashen is an author and award-winning dynamo of a speaker … in high demand throughout North America, Africa and Australia. Christine will show how you can “Get What You Want, With What You’ve Got” (which is also the name of her book). You can reduce stress, energize your employees and handle conflict like a pro when you “quit complaining about the things that you can’t change and work on what you can".

“You have to be one of the most dynamic and passionate speakers we have ever seen. We had over 1,000 participants raving about you! Everyone was talking about how inspired they were and what a memorable experience you provided for them. We nicknamed you ‘The Bomb’ because you blew everyone away – you were the ‘Star of the Show’!”

- Director,
University of Texas Medical Branch

  • Kim Deep is an amazingly passionate entrepreneur. She’s President of Kids Make Cents, an organization empowering children as well as their parents to become more financially literate … a radio columnist on CBC’s Wild Rose segment called Deep Pockets … and author of the children’s book, “Conductor Cash and the Prosperity Express”. Kim can certainly teach you the secrets of creating the wealth and financial freedom you desire.
  • Kim Duke is a sales trainer, author, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur who passionately helps other woman achieve extraordinary results in their business. With Kim, it’s all about high energy, high impact fun. In the Millionaire Woman series, she shows how to put new ideas into action and create dramatic results without being too “salesy”.

“Since taking the High Speed Sales Stiletto Camp with you, I’ve made as much money in the FIRST QUARTER of this year as I did all last year. Your training has been absolutely THE BEST investment I’ve made!”

- Katherine Lomax 
Owner, Elegant Touches

  • Jane Atkinson is known as The Speaker Launcher. She is a business coach, consultant, and author of “The Wealthy Speaker” – a proven formula for building a super-successful speaking business. Jane shows you how to take your speaking career through the roof … increasing your bookings, fees, and “back-of-room” sales!

“...and by the second month using Jane's coaching, my sales had DOUBLED, and I was working less! She has helped me become far more organized and focused on what is important!”

- Angela Cox-Weston,
President, Midwest Speakers Bureau

  • Ann Max can get you organized! As a productivity specialist, and President of Productive To The Max, Ann can help you master your time, achieve your goals – both personal and business – and expand your potential … as she has for thousands of others! And all by becoming more organized. In this interview, Ann helps you get past whatever is holding you back from achieving the productivity and results you desire.

“Your course was so great! At 3:30 p.m. my in-box is empty, the next day is reviewed, and I’m leaving at 4:00 p.m.! My e-calendar is now so efficient, staff walks away in a lulled catatonic state. Perfect. I’ve even pushed back enough to get my life back too. Every time I glance at my clock I think of you and smile.”

- Catherine Brown,
Administrative Assistant, Health Canada

Women are terrific multi-taskers.  

But we don’t always take the time to stop … relax … breathe … and ask: “Might there be a better way of doing what I’m doing, of achieving what I want to achieve?” 

These powerful, successful women prove… 

You do NOT have to compromise your values
to get what you want!

Allow their passion to fuel your own … to drive you to take action – the right action – on your dreams and goals! 

If you’re open to the possibilities of a bigger life … when you’re ready and willing to do what it takes to get what you want… 

Then these Millionaire Women are ready to be your personal teachers as you listen in your car, in your home, at the gym … ANYWHERE! 

You get the answers to all these hurdles commonly faced by women in business … and MORE!

  • How to avoid all the most common “business disasters”

  • One of the biggest mistakes women entrepreneurs make and how it can kill your chances

  • Why your children absolutely must become financially literate (and how you can ensure they do!)

  • How to get started selling from the stage

  • Organizing your presentation to ensure surefire sales conversion

  • The foolproof way for any woman to get over her fear of selling

  • Moving from confusion to CLARITY on your goals (because most people have no clue what they really want … never mind how in the world they can get it!)

  • The single-most important lesson in living a balanced life

  • Cutting down the time it takes to achieve ANYTHING

  • How to learn the most important lesson in any setback … and keep right on moving forward with no regrets

  • The three most significant characteristics of a wealthy woman

  • Identifying and chasing down your Passion (It’s the surest path to loving your life!)

  • Sharpening and strengthening your Success Mindset

  • The #1 key to understanding your target market

  • Dividing your goals so you can conquer them one at a time

  • How to make your first impression a lasting one that always leaves people wanting more

  • Learn the secrets to building the strongest, most profitable, customer relationships (because although women are community-oriented by Nature … most of us still could use some help in maximizing our customer relationship-building)

  • How to s-t-r-e-t-c-h out of your comfort zone (without spreading yourself too thin!)

  • The easiest way to choose your niche … and why that’s so vital to your success

  • How to build and maintain a high level of excitement for Life ... hopping out of bed in the morning, ready to take on the day

  • Importance of branding … for yourself and your business

…and so much more! 

She fast-tracked her business in a new direction…

d"Wherever you are in your business or in your life, at least one of these amazing women has a potent and timely message for you! I didn't realise at the time how listening to Lisa Sasevich's interview was going to fast-track my own business in a whole new direction ... but it certainly has! All the women Debra interviews show how we can achieve the lives, success, and financial freedom we desire without having to compromise our authenticity and our womanliness. This is truly inspirational!"

- Amanda Knight
Mindset Mentor and Success Coach

I know exactly what Amanda means. And it can be difficult getting across to you just how POWERFUL these strategies presented here can actually be! 

Get this: 

After speaking with Lisa Sasevich, I applied just one of her secrets and in one night I enjoyed a 20% conversion rate. 

So what could all this possibly be WORTH to you? 

It may seem cliché to say “the messages these women share with you in Secrets of The Millionaire Woman – all the power, all the knowledge, and all the inspiration they contain – is truly priceless”… 

So let me put things in perspective this way, instead: 

Most of these women charge $3,000 to $15,000 to speak at a live event. To assemble all nine would cost a minimum of $27,000 … and you might still not get all the exciting tips, tactics, and strategies I’ve managed to coax out of them in these exclusive interviews.

Of course, in the end, all that really matters is how much it’s worth to YOU! 

So consider this: 

At least one of these women started out from somewhere close to where you’re at. Every one of them is now worth millions! And every one of them has achieved much of what YOU want to achieve! 

Just one good idea … from just one of the Millionaire Women in this series … could give your business – and your LIFE – such a tremendous boost … easily repaying your investment many times over.

“By applying the ideas and principles discussed in these interviews, my business has grown by LEAPS and BOUNDS this year!”                                                                                                                    
- Aline Barker

I invite you now to prove it to yourself!  

Get “Secrets of The Millionaire Woman” today … put any of its powerful strategies, attitudes, and ideas into action right away … and I promise you:  

Faster than you might imagine … you’ll begin seeing not only your Business but all areas of your Life aligning with your True Self and moving rapidly and directly toward that Purpose and Success you were always meant to achieve. 

The entire "Secrets of The Millionaire Woman" audio series – just a hair over five hours worth – can be yours for… 

...only $97USD


This sounds absolutely fabulous, Debra!
I want in on these “Secrets of The Millionaire Woman”  

And for a very limited time… 

This collection of Sales, Business, and Personal Success wisdom
comes to you with these amazing FREE gifts…

Now here’s where I make things even sweeter for you, as an “ethical bribe” to take immediate action… 

Because in Business, as in all of Life, any opportunity is only as good as the ACTION you put behind it. You know that ... and I know it too. 

And that’s why I’m making it so easy for you to say “YES!” to acting on THIS opportunity now...

...while it’s still fresh in your mind, and before the pressures of your job, office duties, or family begin pushing your resolve to the back burner. 

Take action TODAY by reserving your copy of Secrets of The Millionaire Woman… 

…and you’re going to get these valuable FREE gifts hand-picked exclusively for helping you on your journey to Success, Happiness, and Riches … from the inside out. Use them to make that trip just as quickly and easily as possible. 

FAST-ACTION Bonus Gift #1 - The Secrets of the Millionaire Woman” Interview Transcripts

Here is every interview from the entire series, fully transcribed and collected together in e-book format. 

Sure, it’s convenient being able to listen to the audio recordings in the car, at the gym, or even in the tub… 

But sometimes there’s just nothing like being able to sit and read through them, skipping back-and-forth wherever your whim takes you. 

That’s why you’re also getting these exclusive interview transcripts in digital PDF format as a special gift when you order before <cut-off>. 

FAST-ACTION Bonus Gift #2 -The  7 Lies Holding YOU Back From Becoming A Millionaire Woman”

This eye-opening new report reveals the top 7 most commonly-held lies many women entering business believe to be true … but which can actually kill your chances of ever being a millionaire! 

With this exclusive exposé, you can now avoid every one of them! (Without it … well, in business “ignorance” is NOT “bliss”!)  

EXTRA FAST-ACTION Bonus Gift #3 - “Creating the Million Dollar Image” with Deborah Reynolds

This Exclusive Bonus Interview is chock-full of surprising tips for developing that million-dollar image from the inside out, and creating long-lasting impressions with everyone you meet. 

Deborah can quickly take you from “now” to “WOW!” 

Yes, all these Bonus Gifts are yours exclusively with your purchase of the “Secrets of The Millionaire Woman” Audio Series for the low, low investment of only $97


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Of course, I want you to feel completely confident with your purchase. And that’s why I’m also offering you my… 


    This exclusive “Millionaire Woman Bonus Gift Package” really is for fast-action-takers only. You absolutely must reserve yours by midnight, to qualify. Please don’t throw this away senselessly. These bonus gifts alone could conceivably add thousands of dollars to your bottom line, in very little time … while eliminating much of the work and pressure so commonly thought to be part of the Success Path. 

So don’t be using those same tired old excuses any longer:

  • “Oh, but MY situation is different!” (Variations of this one include “My business is…” and “My clients are…”)

  • “It’s never worked for me before, so what’s the point of trying again?”

  • Or that classic spoiler of ‘best intentions’ and stealer of dreams: “I just don’t have the time right now – I’ll take care of this later.” (Uh-huh.)

Claim YOUR Personal Power And
Begin Mastering Success TODAY!

Absolutely everything in this jam-packed “Secrets Of The Millionaire Woman” bundle – the five hours plus of audios, the transcriptions, even all your bonus gifts – comes to you in digital format, ready for immediate download.  

So you can be absorbing all the skills, strategies, and attitudes you need to succeed within just minutes from now … and begin profiting from them tomorrow! 

“Some of the greatest benefits I’ve gotten from these interviews have been
all these ‘ah-ha’ moments, and the many fresh and wonderful ideas
constantly popping into my head, while listening … ‘inspired by’
the words of wisdom these women share!” 


I want to have a listen, Debra… And with a Guarantee like this, I risk nothing!”  

PLEASE don’t let your biggest regret in life be that you never took action on your Dreams. 

Here’s to the Millionaire Woman in YOU, and all the incredible successes waiting just ahead! 



P.S. – Remember, you have only until mid night to qualify for all these FREE Bonus Gifts worth thousands of dollars, for just the price of the book … so I urge you to act quickly! 


P.P.S. Still not sure, for some reason? Then enter your name and email address in the boxes below for a FREE sample. (But then be sure you come back and claim your copy, along with all your Bonus Gifts, before mid night!) 

P.P.S. And in case you’d like to hear even more of what other experts and entrepreneurs are saying, here are a few more of their comments:  

A WONDERFUL service to women in Business

d"Debra, you’re providing a wonderful service to women in business – truly an inspiration. I hope many more women, no matter what stage they are in their career, will take advantage of this great opportunity."

- Dorothy Briggs,
Founder/Owner/Publisher of Womanition Magazine

A veritable BANQUET of advice

d"Secrets of the Millionaire Woman is a BANQUET of wholesome, true advice for both personal and business arenas. It left me hungry for more. Listening to these women of action gave me hope, energy, inspiration, encouragement, and an excitement to ‘always take the high road – where there’s hardly any traffic’, in the words of Christine Comaford. They are already propelling me to accomplish my own vision and goals."

- Lynne Sabourin,
Professional Real Estate Investor,

Tangible take-away strategies to get you past the challenges

d"I am proud to know several of the women interviewed here, and I can say with confidence that what they share in Secrets of The Millionaire Woman aligns with their practice. These interviews have equipped me with tangible take-away strategies for advancing specific areas of my business such as marketing and product development. Being in business is rewarding, and exciting, but not without its challenges. These entrepreneurs, with their resources and business tools, can get you past those challenges."

- Charmaine Hammond,
Entrepreneur, Professional Speaker, and Consultant, 

Down-to-earth advice that keeps her centered, focused, and enlightened

d"The Millionaire Women series is great! Debra Kasowski shares real down-to-earth advice through these inspiring interviews. By sharing what they’ve gone through in their life and business, these women prove they’re just like you and me. I’m experiencing many of those same challenges, and it’s comforting to know I’m not alone. This program is keeping me focused and centered. I have increased my contacts with powerful women and entrepreneurs, and I just can’t wait to listen to each next interview."

- Deborah Reynolds,
Image Expert, Best-Selling Author, and Business Consultant, 

And now here’s a man’s view…

d"Listening to The Millionaire Woman audio series made me step back and refocus on the things I was doing in my own business. One of the first interviews told me to be an agent of change in a negative situation rather than a contributor to the problem. Sometimes you just need to hear someone else say it before it sinks in! I appreciate the honest question and answer format because it brings out real-life examples from the lives of each guest. You can’t help being motivated to succeed with the great advice from these women."

- Ryan Lewis,
Calgary, Canada

RELIABLE resources and success strategies

d"The Secrets of the Millionaire Woman series is brilliant! Debra Kasowski is a master of uncovering the best success strategies for women entrepreneurs. Her guests are with out a doubt the best-in-the-business and her Q and A approach offers practical strategies on current issues we face regularly in the business world. I have implemented many of the marketing, branding and business development strategies shared in the series. If you are going to be excellent at business and are focussing on a successful future- you need reliable resources! The Secrets of the Millionaire Woman series is my "Go-To" library for my consulting and speaking business. The tips and strategies shared in each CD have provided me with insightful strategies that I use regularly. It’s like having a team of business coaches ready when you need them."

- Leannne Brownoff,
Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Speaker
Leanne Brownoff Consulting, Edmonton, Canada

INSPIRATIONAL Guides and Mentors constant travel companions

d"I bought the Millionaire Woman series last year, popped it into my car stereo, and immediately knew these women would be my constant travel companions - serving as inspirational guides and mentors daily, giving me confidence to face all the trials and tribulations of my own business.
I appreciate their authenticity, integrity, and high ideals. They have helped me defeat the fear of selling ... increase my confidence and presence … plan strategically ... to set my goals, identify my ideal client base, and become the best in my own field of expertise.
My investment has paid off ten-fold and I’m so grateful to Debra for bringing out the Millionaire Woman in all of us who will simply listen to this incredible business tool!"

- Brynda J. Roche
Nuskin Anti-Aging Specialist and True Colors Facilitator


Well, if that’s the end of the letter…
I guess it’s time for me to order! 

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